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Updated 12/06


Excursion Co-ordinators may list excursions by contacting webmaster@narcoa.org Listings published on this page are also printed for distribution with The Setoff magazine. To keep NARCOA's printing costs low, please provide "Need to Know" information only. I.E.: Full railroad name (not initials), Narcoa Affiliate name, date, location, miles traveled, cost, contact information. Excursion Co-ordinators may provide a mailing address, email address or link to another web site where additional details or restrictions can be provided. Please send announcements as email text and not as a word processor file.

Reminder - Please include in all run announcements the name of the Affiliate and the Certified EC. Both will be checked for validity by your regional Insurance representative prior to issuing a Certificate of Insurance.

Not all excursions listed on this page are sanctioned or insured by Narcoa. All Narcoa sanctioned excursions require operators be Narcoa certified, follow Narcoa rules and have Narcoa operators insurance.

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Dec 29 - 30 - GA posted 12/06
St. Marys Railroad
Set on near Traxx theater. Friday set on 3:00 P.M. Safety meeting 3:30. Saturday set on 8:00 and meeting at 8:30. Go to Kingsland, Kingsbay and return, approximatly 34 mi. Safety vest, ankle high, hard sole shoes/boots required. $40 per car. Checks to EC Jay Boggs, 3289 Country Oaks Lane, Orange Park, FL 32065. 904-215-2956.

Dec 30 - 31 - TX posted 11/05 
Blacklands Railroad
Railroad Partners, Inc. Work session Saturday.  Motorcar Run Sunday. Up to 90 RT miles.  Mentoring by permission. Hyrails welcome. Fee $80 for one or both days.  Details HERE. Pre-registration required.  EC Myron Malone 214-882-8756 evenings. EC Don Stamper 318-773-9693.

Jan 6 - CA posted 11/17
Fillmore & Western Rwy
Motorcar Operators West run. Estimated 46 miles. MOW Special Operating Rules #3 apply.  No trailers with passengers and no home-built cars permitted.  Run fee $85.  Details HEREWayne Parsons EC, 3161 Country Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. (818) 631-4805.

Feb 17 - 18 - TX posted 11/28
Border Pacific Railroad 
Railroad Partners, Inc. 60 RT miles between Penitas and Rio Grande City each day. Track parallels the Mexican border along the Rio Grande River. Hyrails welcome. Fee $50. Details HERE. EC Leland Stewart  210-863-5397.

Excursions Held On A Regular Basis

Feb 1, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018 - PA
Northern Central Railroad
Excursions on the Northern Central Railroad from New Freedom, Pa to York, Pa on various dates. E.C. Dean L. Grote call 717-637-7647 or e-mail for details.

Feb 1, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018 - PA
Stewartstown Railroad
Excursions on the Stewartstown Railroad from New Freedom, Pa to Stewartstown, Pa on various dates. Northern Central Railcar Association E.C. Dean L. Grote call 717-637-7647 or e-mail for details.

Feb 1, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018 - GA
Cater Parrott Railnet
SERO will be having motorcar car runs on the Cater Parrott Rail net from Valdosta to Willacoochee and from from Madison to Newborn and from Barnesville to Thomaston on various dates contact EC's Will Thompson EC Home 229-723-8231 or Cell 229-359-5701 or Frank Ahouse 229-886-4707

Jan 1, 2016 through Feb 1, 2018 - TX
Capitol Metro Transportation
Railroad Partners, Inc. will host NARCOA motorcar runs from Llano, TX to Scobee Spur, TX – Approx. 54 miles RT. or McDade, TX to near Giddings, TX – approx 23 miles RT on various dates. Details HERE. (EC) Leland Stewart 210-863-5397

Feb 1, 2015 through Feb 1, 2016 - MS
Mississippi Delta Railroad
SERO will be having NARCOA motorcar runs and work days on various dates on the Mississippi Delta RR between Swan Lake, Clarksdale and Lula Mississippi. Contact E.C. Chris Thompson, phone (251) 463-3270.

Feb 1, 2016 through Dec 31, 2016 - CA
Amador Central Railroad
RRCHS will be having NARCOA Motor Car Runs open to all licensed motorcar operators and Work Parties from Ione to Martell on various dates throughout the year for members. Please contact EC Tom Correa for information and times/dates on the work parties and runs.


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Information for excursion coordinators

Narcoa affiliates must advertise excursions on this website. Include details of the trip such as time, schedule, total mileage, costs, restrictions, EC name(s) and conditions for attending. Email all excusion annoucements to webmaster@narcoa.org Please follow the standard format for the submissions.

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