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How to quickly find changes on the Excursions page

During the spring and summer months, many excursions are listed, but few have yet taken place. Because of this, the Excursion page becomes very long and finding changes can be difficult and time consuming. Here are two ways to solve the problem:

1. Use a keyboard shortcut to search the page for changes. - Here's how :

On a PC, open the Excursion page and type Control + F (on a Mac, Command + F). A field will open titled "Find". Note the Updated date at the top of the Excursion page. Type in the Find field the Updated month and day - i.e. 10/18. Don't leave out the slash mark. You will find all instances of 10/18 listings or updates on the page are highlighted and you can use the little arrows next to the Find field to navigate between them.

If you don't check the page daily, but would like to see only those changes made during the current month, type the number of the month followed by a / ( i.e. 10/ ). This example will show only changes made in October if that is the current month.

Different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari) may have slightly different placement of the Find field or navigation arrows, but they all work in a similar manner as do the browsers on Android phones, iPads, iPhones and iPods. Just experiment a little and you'll find it very easy to locate what you want on the page. You can type any word in the "Find" field to search by railroad or EC name, etc.

2. Register with Specify which pages you want them to monitor and when a change is made, you'll receive an email notification. This will eliminate the need for frequent checks to see if these pages have changed. You can have them monitor the For Sale, Excursion and Home pages (where important announcements are made) for changes.

Hope this information helps