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Updated 01/14/2018
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 NARCOA Documents
Latest Version

Documents with blue shaded boxes in the "Latest Version" column are interactive forms that can be completed using the keyboard and then printed using Adobe Reader 7, available free from the link at the top of this page. Click on the "Highlight fields" box in the right hand corner yellow box above the form to see which parts can be completed in this manner. Place the cursor in an area to be filled in and enter the information. Use the tab key to go to the next active field. Use the enter key to check or uncheck interactive boxes as needed.The document can then be printed, but not saved as a filled out form. The form can only be saved as a blank.


NARCOA 2018 Insurance Application (6 pages), Required for motorcar operators.

NARCOA 2016 Physical Damage Motorcar Insurance Coverage (3 pages), Optional for motorcar owners.
NARCOA Agreement (2 pages), for motorcar operators.
NARCOA & Affiliate General Release (2 pages).
NARCOA Rail Vehicle Inspection Form v3 (1 page).
Hi-rail Annual Inspection Form to show FRA Compliance (1 page).
NARCOA Membership Form (1 page). 05/20/15
Mentoring Form (2 Pages - Contains form and mentoring procedures)
NARCOA Roster Information Form Add/update your information in the Roster.  

How to obtain a NARCOA Operator Certification Card (1 page)

Incident Form (5 pages).
By-Laws (14 pages)
Code of Conduct - Board of Directors (2 pages).
Judicial Committee Policy V1.2 (7 pages)
Operations Manual V8.2 (19 pages), details on setting up and running a NARCOA excursion, mentoring new excursion coordinators.
NARCOA Policy Book (22nd edition 7 pages), policies established by the Board
Radio Use and Etiquette (3 pages), information regarding the usage of the NARCOA frequency and radios in general.  
NARCOA Radio License - Reference copy. Each car with a radio should carry a copy of Narcoa's FCC license.

Rule Book V8.1 (12 pages), the official set of rules for operating equipment at a NARCOA excursion.

Rules Violation Form (1 page)
NARCOA Custom-Built & Highly-Modified Motorcar Guidlines v1.6 (6 pages)
NARCOA Hi-Rail Vehicle Purchasing & Operating Guidelines v1.0 (6 pages) 08/20/12
NARCOA EC Certification Process & Application (2 pages)
loogo Hank Brown Memorial Award (2 pages)

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